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Getting Started
Before you start a Photo Story Project, consider your purpose and your audience. For example, you creating a photo essay to persuade or inform. Is your audience your peers or the community?

Before starting your project, write a script that meets all the requirements of your assignment. It's always a good idea to ask your teacher for the assignment rubric, and follow the requirements for the highest score. Share you script with a peer or teacher to gain feedback. Adjust your script accordingly.

As you collect images, consider how you will arrange your images and what additional text or effects you will incorporate. Type the portion of script you will record with each image. This step should be done BEFORE you start using Photo Story.

As you work on your project over the next few days, remember to save often (I save every 5-10 minutes or after I've done something time consuming). When you are finished with your project you will "render" it as a media file so others can view it. This rendering process creates a multimedia file that you can share or upload to the Internet. You cannot make any changes to a "rendered" project. To make changes you will have to go back to the original project file. A rendered project will end in .wmv.

Submitted Work
Turn in finished, rendered projects, in the Student Shared folder created by your teacher.

Do's and Dont's for collecting images:

  • Don't use clipart or logos, unless they provide important emotional content.
  • Don't use images if you cannot cite (attribute) the collection/photographer.
  • Do not save images that end in .html.

Planning Resources
| Creating a Photo Essay
| Creating Storyboards in Word
| Guide to Teaching Visual Rhetoric
| Photo Essay Rubric
Lesson on Visual Elements of Photo Essays

Title Slides
Zamzar File Conversion

Photo Essay Examples
| Jan Sochor |
PhotoPhilanthropy |
Time Photos

| Atomic Learning Tutorials
| Jakes Online - Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 Download

Inserting Power Point Slides in Photo Story

Notes for Mrs. Most's Social Protest Project
Your captions and Works Cited may have to be typed on a slide w/o a picture. Because Photo Story does not give you the option to add a blank slide you, you will have to create the slides outside of Photo Story and import them as a regular picture file. You can do this in two ways.
  1. Create your works cited slide, for example, in Power Point and export it to your Photo Story Project Folder as a JPEG.Next import the newly created image as you would any other picture, and then arrange with your other slides.
  2. Create a blank slide in Power Point. Change the background color to a solid color that matches your color scheme. Export to your Photo Story Project folder as a JPEG. Import as you would any other picture, and then arrange with your other slides. You can record voice over this slide, if you choose. Or, use one of the Title Slides provided above . See > Resources > Title slides).
  3. Download pre-made title slides, courtesy of Mark Cauffman. See >Title Slides.

Saving a Power Point Slide for Photo Story
  1. Create your PowerPoint slides
  2. In the top left, click "File - Save As"
  3. Instead of saving the file type as a "Presentation," scroll down to the option of "Save as type: JPEG (Image 1)
  4. When the box shown in Image 2 pops up, you can decide to export "Every Slide" as separate JPEGs or just the "Current Slide Only"

Image 1
Saving PowerPoint slide as a JPEG
Saving PowerPoint slide as a JPEG

Saving PowerPoint slide as a JPEG

Image 2
Export Slide as JPEG
Export Slide as JPEG

Export Slide as JPEG

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